HOI4: August Game Thread

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HOI4: August Game Thread

Post: # 89229Post aphrochine
Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:39 pm

HOI4 Multiplayer Game
Start Date: 8/19/2018

Session Time:
Sundays 8:00pm - 11:00pm ET (us east coast)

Axis Roster:
GER: aphrochine
JAP: greyhound
ITA: brother lobo
SPA: skapegoat
ROM: rIchard nixon

Allies Roster:
ENG: ummd
SOV: harbringer
USA: mikeydz
CHI: Altaris
CAN: zarin
FRA: ???
RAJ: virtualrock

Alex Mod v1.5.3

  • Forts
    • Cannot manually build than 4 forts per provinces.
    • You may build an additional 2 forts on VP province (for a total of +6 forts).
    • There are no restrictions on NF fort constructions.
    • Cannot tech rush research more than 1 year early (i.e., cannot begin researching a 1941 tech until at earliest Jan 1st 1940)
    World Tension & War
    • No nation may force World Tension upwards prior to 1939 unless they join the Axis alliance (this includes Japan, it must be a formal member of Axis to voluntarily. The exceptions to this rule is Sending Volunteers to a foreign war. Also, any Decision or National Focus is fine. This rule is also negated if the Axis justify a Conquer war goal prior to 1939 (at this point the other alliances/nations can do as they please). Basically, a war goal can only be pushed outside of Axis alliance prior to 1939 if it is a non-Conquer war goal.
    • No nation may start creating a war justification outside of National Focuses prior to 1939. Pressing Claims provided via NF is allowed.
    • Spain may not join the Axis until after the fall of France.
    • Spain may not be called into war until after USA joins the war on the side of the Allies.
    • Spain must include an Amphibious Assault when initiating a combat against Gibraltar. Participating land combat may continue after Amphibious assault, however. If combat is broken, a new Amphib must be initiated for ea subsequent attack.
    • You may only send volunteers to one warring nation at a time.
    • Divisions sent as volunteers may only contain Infantry type battalions.
    National Focus Decisions
    • No Nation may take "alternate history" paths which change their government type or faction destiny.
    • China may not give into Marco Polo if triggered after June 1937. (to prevent 1938 start sino-jap war)
    • France must accept historical Vichy, then assume Free France or change to another Allied nation.
    • Soviet Union must accept MR.
    • Allies may not interfere with Pre-Danzig historical German expansion.

Note: These rules are a work in progress and can be discussed here.

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