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Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:04 pm

Sadly, at least for me, I have to report that once again the Axis team of DESEV, Setloz and Princedetenebres defeated an allied team consisting of Jarski, Evil Overlord, Mr bonarpte and me. The game lasted about an entire RL year and ended in game time NOV 41 with the total and complete destruction of the USSR by DESEV's overwhelming German tanks. It was a great game and still in doubt until almost the very end. My congratulations go out to the very competent Axis team.

I would like to invite any interested WPO players to join us for our next game which will be starting in the coming weeks. I am sure many of you remember AOD as a bug riddled mess. That has changed. The various patches and IMPs have cleaned up most of the bug and we have developed house rules to control the remainder.

AOD now is a fairly simple, stable and well balanced WW2 game. We try to play once a week, normally on Friday starting around 1915utc which is 1115 Pacific standard time. However, we work around our players schedule and will adjust session times to try to include everyone. During the build up to war we often allow one player to sub for another in his alliance by using a BOT. This often allows us to proceed with a session if a player is not available. We do play at slow speed and allow unlimited pauses but encourage players to try and limit them.

If anyone is interested in joining us please post in the AOD forum or contact me here or by a PM.

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