Conversation between UK and USA - 9th April 2014

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Conversation between UK and USA - 9th April 2014

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Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:31 pm

[09/04/2014 19:15:44] AoD host guy: the problem we have in our game is that no matter how much we bomb or damage puppets we cannot hurt their abilities to produce
[09/04/2014 19:19:38] James Bruce: But yeah that's true
[09/04/2014 19:19:46] James Bruce: I guess we'll have to bomb Germany and Italy :D
[09/04/2014 19:19:59] AoD host guy: yep
[09/04/2014 19:20:15] James Bruce: If we continue, my plan is to retreat from 1) Bordeaux & Dunkirk then 2) Brest
[09/04/2014 19:20:18] AoD host guy: we are behind around 30% on the ic...
[09/04/2014 19:20:39] James Bruce: Indeed, but USA, UK & Canada have free market so that helps
[09/04/2014 19:20:43] James Bruce: -25% costs and whatnot
[09/04/2014 19:20:53] AoD host guy: -25% cost and time
[09/04/2014 19:20:58] James Bruce: yeah
[09/04/2014 19:21:18] James Bruce: Can I EXP my carriers to you?
[09/04/2014 19:21:28] James Bruce: They need reinforcing first
[09/04/2014 19:21:37] James Bruce: its just my carrer positioning is 28<>55
[09/04/2014 19:21:49] James Bruce: I should've changed naval doctrine xd
[09/04/2014 19:22:07] AoD host guy: i suppose, but that would be kinda against the spirit of the rules
[09/04/2014 19:22:42] James Bruce: True but I imagine Boz won't EXP Japan's carriers for exactly the opposite reason
[09/04/2014 19:22:51] James Bruce: So they'll be supplied from Berlin, but remaind Japanese
[09/04/2014 19:23:13] James Bruce: I'll reinforce them and see if I can use them at all, but I doubt it!
[09/04/2014 19:23:49] James Bruce: I'll try and send my paratroopers to Gibraltar if possible
[09/04/2014 19:23:57] James Bruce: so as soon as another is built, the six should defeat the five
[09/04/2014 19:24:13] James Bruce: ofc if he send more, I won't bother attacking
[09/04/2014 19:24:51] James Bruce: That's assuming my paratroopers in Dunkirk make it out alive
[09/04/2014 19:25:04] James Bruce: but considering the distance, it shouldn't be too bad if I can attack from the auir
[09/04/2014 19:25:06] James Bruce: air*
[09/04/2014 19:25:13] James Bruce: just need 2 days to hold the mouth of the thames
[09/04/2014 19:25:29] AoD host guy: what about bombers and air cover?
[09/04/2014 19:26:02] James Bruce: That's what I'll be doing - sending most of the RAF into battle
[09/04/2014 19:26:45] James Bruce: to attack the carriers
[09/04/2014 19:27:02] James Bruce: Gibraltar won't be for a while anyway
[09/04/2014 19:27:25] James Bruce: but the paratroopers can't really be used in france until we gain back naval superiority
[09/04/2014 19:30:42] James Bruce: but Gibraltar can be held as there's no air threat
[09/04/2014 19:30:55] James Bruce: oh wait.. if they VoV
[09/04/2014 19:30:56] AoD host guy: i dont see any real options now, i wont have enough carriers to counter the japs
[09/04/2014 19:30:57] James Bruce: and hold that
[09/04/2014 19:31:19] James Bruce: out in Gibraltar, then reinfroce, then send the IJN to coast of Morocco, I can't retreat
[09/04/2014 19:31:25] James Bruce: Then bye bye 6 paratroopers
[09/04/2014 19:31:31] AoD host guy: yep
[09/04/2014 19:32:48] AoD host guy: we cant attack till we have naval parity, nor can we win a foothold in europe with the japanese fleet interdicting us
[09/04/2014 19:32:55] James Bruce: True
[09/04/2014 19:33:03] James Bruce: Britain will hold firm in the mean time!
[09/04/2014 19:33:24] AoD host guy: and as liong as the japs has a naval base within reach of the us eastern they can attack from either east or west
[09/04/2014 19:33:42] James Bruce: Indeed
[09/04/2014 19:34:04] James Bruce: But the fact they have 3 lvl IV carriers in Europe means they have 3 less carriers in the Pacific :D
[09/04/2014 19:34:20] James Bruce: I'd recommend using all the 6 in the spring of 1942 in Asia
[09/04/2014 19:34:21] AoD host guy: and that is the only positive point
[09/04/2014 19:34:33] James Bruce: Forcing Japan to retreat from Europe
[09/04/2014 19:34:35] James Bruce: and Africa
[09/04/2014 19:35:02] James Bruce: Getting a 1-2 month advantage - and if you sink some of their carriers in the Pacific then that advantage could become permanent
[09/04/2014 19:35:32] James Bruce: Just rush rush rush with those relevant naval doctrines!
[09/04/2014 19:38:29] James Bruce: We could defend all the British colony islands in North America as a precaution against invasion
[09/04/2014 19:44:38] James Bruce: But that's 14 islands
[09/04/2014 19:44:44] James Bruce: need to check what can be reached from Gibraltar
[09/04/2014 19:45:08] James Bruce: brb
[09/04/2014 19:46:16] AoD host guy: ok
[09/04/2014 19:46:53] AoD host guy: might be able to invade past 3k km if he just uses transports... no idea though
[09/04/2014 20:46:32] James Bruce: Nah, I think 3k is the limit for them too

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