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Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:59 am

Jar, I have still not figured out how to get your new IMP into my AOD folder. I have DLd it form your drop box about 20 times and tried different ideas but none have resulted in getting it installed. I sure hope that there is no limit on the number of times things can be DLd from a drop box. I have also DLd clean AODs from both steam 4 times and from gamers gate twice to insure that I had not corrupted the vanilla game.

So, I have not been able to run a test game as the USSR. I have not played them for some time now and have forgotten a lot. I have some questions.

First the gearing bonuses. How many are there? What does each do? What are the specific triggers that make them fire? I seem to remember that they fire based on provinces lost and perhaps time passed from the DOW. If so, how many provinces and how much time?

Next, the bitter peace. What triggers that?

Next, before I erased my old AOD game I did look at old saves from your USSR and Princes too. It did look to me that it is almost impossible to get a viable USSR into 1942 given that Axis can attack on a narrow front which seems to seriously affect gearing bonuses. I noticed that both you and Prince had several hundred units in one province across a river and still the Germans were able to ford it. Can you share any "lessons learned" from your effort. Also, do you have any ideas on strategy for the USSR.

I realize that you are very busy until the new year. Jot your thoughts down when you have a free moment. I posted here rather than in a PM because I thought the rest of the group might enjoy and benefit from your ideas.

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