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Scoring will be tracked for each player in the game. Your score will be a running total, at the end of each session, the increase for the session of your picked characters in-game score (the "Your Score" that shows up upon Resigning from an in-game save) will be added to your score here on the board. So, for example, if I begin a session with a score of 2000 points here on the board, and play Charlemagne who is at 500 score at beginning of session, and ends the session at 1800, I would add 1300 points to my 2000 score. Scores will be important, for they will determine in what order nations are picked for the EU4 portion of the campaign. Scores can also be partially expended to change characters between certain sessions if you become unhappy with your current selection or just want a change (more to come on this rule in another discussion post).

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