Strategy After Session 1

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Strategy After Session 1

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Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:28 am

So, after 1st session, I think we're running into similar issues on both the east and west fringes of Catholicism... Pagans & Muslims are wiping the floor with us. To combat this, we need to work together, at least until we can stabilize the situation.

My daughter, heir to the Asturian throne, is matrilenaelly married to King Pepin of the Franks, and they have a son who will inherit both thrones as my heir. I figured out post- game what happened there... Pepin was actually Karloman (Charlemange's brother)'s son, and he and his mother took refuge with me after Karloman was killed suspiciously. Since Charlemagne had no direct children when he died, Pepin became King of the Franks.

Now, before anyone gets overly worried about me becoming king of both realms, keep in mind there's still 2 generations to go before this comes to fruition, and you guys could likely kill the little S.O.B. if you put your efforts into it. But... he's Visigothic, so he's going to be unpopular, and I doubt I'll hold the Frankish part long. So look at it more as a malleable ruler who you can easily push your own agendas through. For my part, I'm more interested in using the Frankish army at some point to quell the Umayyads (who are getting quite scary on both Harb and my borders).

My suggestion for all of us is to work together until we get stronger. In the west, that means Harb and I cooperating to deal with the Umayyad threat. In the east, I'd suggest arranging marriages between V/R and MikeyDz to build alliances, and Mikey helping out with the Pagan war threats.

Keep in mind, if you are an ally drawn into war, even though you don't get any direct land benefit, you actually get a bigger % of prestige (and piety in Holy Wars) than the main participant does, based on how much you participate. Since prestige and piety drive your score, it's still a very good thing. And Mikey, you should be relatively safe from other external threats, so in a position to help Bavaria out... Harb & I have to focus on Umayyad's first, as they are stomping around with 7K stacks right now.

Let's keep an eye on Catholic moral authority, it's been in the 50-60 range the whole session. That's a concern, as heresies will start springing up all over the place if left unabated, and those are a pain to squash later.

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