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House rules will be specified in this forum. Any situations not covered in ruleset below will be considered fair game in any given session. Ad-hoc rule changes will not be instituted during a given session. If a situation warrants rule discussion, it will occur between sessions here on board. We will add to the list as needed, though I would prefer to have only rules in place if really needed.

Current Rulelist (Last Edit: 7/27/2016)
1 (Added 7/25/2016) - All starting characters are required to be Catholic.
2 (Added 7/27/2016) - Buy-out to new characters (see post on Switching Characters) can be to a non-Catholic nation starting in 1000 AD. This is to allow Catholic powers to expand out to a reasonable size (trying to avoid having a highly ahistorical Europe by the time of EU4, mostly for avoiding to many issues with EU4 events)
3 (Added 7/27/2016) - If a player ever ends up as liege lord to another player, the liege player may not revoke a title from the vassal if it would give any negative opinion to other vassals (as indicated in message). So, for example, if I was Mikey's liege lord, I couldn't arbitrarily strip him of a title. If he rebelled against me and I won the war, I could strip one title due to the mechanisms of the game. No liege player may strip a vassal player of their last remaining title under any circumstance.

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